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Use of Petsie in maintaining dogs’ dental hygiene

A clinical study is currently underway to confirm the effectiveness of Petsie in maintaining dogs’ dental hygiene. The study aims to provide scientific evidence and data regarding the plaque and bacteria removal capabilities of Petsie’s electrolytic technology.

The study involves a controlled group of dogs from different breeds and age groups. These dogs will receive regular dental care using Petsie over a specific period. The researchers will closely monitor and evaluate the dogs’ oral health, including plaque buildup, gum condition, and breath freshness.

The clinical study adheres to ethical standards and follows appropriate scientific protocols. It involves veterinary professionals, researchers, and experts in the field of pet dental care. The results will undergo thorough analysis and validation before being published or shared with the public.

Ultimately, the objective of conducting a clinical study is to provide pet owners with scientific evidence that supports the long-term benefits of using Petsie. It aims to reinforce the importance of dental hygiene in dogs and highlight the role Petsie can play in promoting overall health, potentially leading to an extended and healthier life for our furry companions.

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