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Petsie and pups – the perfect fit

Take a look at how and why petsie is the perfect solution for your pups dental care!

Petsie is superior to other toothbrushes thanks to the innovative electrolytic technology and the clinical studies backing the concept. It works by generating a tiny electric current – too weak for your pooch to feel anything but strong enough to efficiently prevent and eliminate plaque and tartar.

Even though smaller dogs are usually more prone to developing dental diseases, Petsie is suitable for all breeds thanks to the 3 sizes of brush heads. Whether your furry companion is a tiny Toy Poodle or a large Great Dane, Petsie is the right choice for keeping their teeth healthy.

Petsie operates using a gentle form of electrolysis, effectively eliminating plaque and promoting healthy gums for your beloved furry friend.

Nope. it’s 100% safe for your pet as it contains no chemicals or toxins.

Petsie operates silently without any sound or vibration. You will only notice the LED diode indicating that the electrolytes are doing their magic.

The teeth brushing routine should ideally last around 2 minutes. The built-in timer will remind you when to switch to the other side of the jaw.

Veterinary experts recommend brushing your dog’s teeth twice a day. If this is, for any reason, not possible, do it as frequently as your lifestyle allows. Just remember that providing your pooch with the best possible hygiene and routines directly influences their quality of life 🙂

Definitely not. Using Petsie regularly can prolong your dog’s life by helping prevent dental issues before they start. You only need to be careful and ensure your pup doesn’t swallow anything as with any other product or toy.

Petsie helps to maintain fresh breath by effectively removing plaque and tartar buildup, which are the main causes of bad breath in dogs.

Although regular toothbrushing with Petsie can significantly improve your dog’s dental health and prevent plaque buildup, it might not be able to replace a professional teeth cleaning procedure by a veterinarian. This is something that depends on the dog breed and every dog individually, so we recommend consulting with your vet for a comprehensive dental care plan for your furry friend.

Petsie is designed to gently and effectively clean teeth and gums without causing any harm or discomfort. Regular use of Petsie toothbrush can actually help improve gum health and reduce sensitivity over time. However, if your dog already has gum sensitivity or any dental issues, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian.

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Petsie is the world’s first pet toothbrush with original electrolytic technology, mobile app and carefully selected set of features combined to prolong the life of your four-legged friend.

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You can guarantee that your dog has a long, healthy life by adding Petsie dental care into their everyday lives.

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By incorporating Petsie dental care into your dog’s daily routine, you can help ensure that they live a long, healthy life.

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